Mac mini 2010 ram replace

Mac mini models have different memory (RAM) installation Mac mini ( Mid ). Mac mini (Late ) Mac mini (Early ).
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Now plug in the power cord, monitor, mouse and keyboard. Power up your machine and make sure the memory is recognized. Click the Apple icon and select About This Mac. Or if you end up with a bad stick, contact the manufacturer to get a new one.

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Upgrade Your 2011 Mac Mini To 16GB Of RAM

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OWC Hard Drive Installation Video

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Mac mini (Late 2012) - RAM Upgrade/Installation Tutorial

Reviews What is Betterment Financial? The teardown experts over at iFixit recently took apart the base model Mac Mini with a GB hard drive and 1. One year, a new smartphone or laptop may be the easiest thing in the world to upgrade, while the next model can end up being very unfriendly to do-it-yourself fixes and tweaks. Making matters worse, once you dig a little deeper iFixit found that there were no pop-out RAM slots at all. Instead, the RAM is soldered directly onto the logic board. But where Apple taketh away, Apple also giveth